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How to enjoy your very first Cairns helicopter ride

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Are you a first-time flyer? Are you planning your first helicopter tour? Welcome to the stunning beauty of Tropical North Queensland, and what better way to appreciate its natural splendour than on an unforgettable Cairns scenic flight with Zoom Helicopters.

Cairns Helicopter Tours - Exilarating!

Taking a scenic flight in a helicopter is so much more than flying in a fixed wing aircraft. The excitement, exhilaration and overall enjoyment is an experience to remember. From take-off to landing, the whole experience feels, well, different. While fixed wing aircraft can feel more like taking a bus ride, a Cairns helicopter tour over the Great Barrier Reef and Ancient Rainforests is more like a giant adventure ride at a theme park… it’s just so much fun!

Cairns helicopter tours are like a theme park ride
That Butterfly Feeling

For first timers on a Cairns helicopter tour, it’s common for feelings of nervousness and anxiety to mix in with those feelings of excitement. Understanding that all of those feelings tend to create the ‘butterfly effect’ (butterflies in your stomach), simply let yourself know that it’s the excitement that you are feeling and it means that you are really, really looking forward to your helicopter ride.

Feeling Queezy?

For those who tend to suffer motion sickness, Zoom Helicopters has you covered. Your pilot will make your air-conditioned helicopter ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. A common fix for air, sea or car sickness is to look out the window at the horizon. Whilst it may be difficult to see the horizon from a car or to look out the window in a large aircraft, you have nothing but horizon and windows all around you on a Cairns scenic flight. As our helicopter flights are so smooth and comfortable, it is extremely rare for our passengers to experience motion sickness.

Dress for Success

Ensure you are comfortably dressed. For the obvious safety reasons, we don’t recommend wearing longs scarves or loose-fitting hats. Although it can be warm in Tropical North Queensland, your Cairns helicopter tour will be fully air-conditioned. Although your Zoom helicopter is fitted with multiple video cameras, feel free to take your own photos and videos. We recommend you wear darker clothing if taking your own images as light clothing tends to reflect more off the windows than darker clothing.

happy customers after a Cairns helicopter flight
Dressed for the occasion

Should the weather take a turn and not be conducive to flying, don’t worry as our primary concern is for your safety and enjoyment. In that event, we will contact you to reschedule or offer you a refund.

If you have any other concerns or ‘jitters’ about a Cairns helicopter tour, give Zoom Helicopters a call, they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have.

Hopefully, you are feeling comfortable and excited about your first helicopter ride. We look forward to showing the time of your life on a Zoom Helicopters tour.

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