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Why you'll love a Cairns helicopter ride

Most people look up in awe when they hear the 'whoomp whoomp' of a passing helicopter. These beautiful birds of the sky have long been both a convenience and status symbol for the rich and famous, to the point that influencers are now chartering helicopter rides to help elevate their celebrity status. I'm sure we all stop and watch the buzz around a helicopter's landing or take off, if not to see who the passengers are but to admire the sheer beauty in design of these machines.

Cairns helicopter charter

Out of reach for many as an addition to their stable of mechanical toys, helicopter charters and scenic flights are certainly within reach of most of us. When planning and saving for that big family or couples holiday, one of the most memorable inclusions is always a private helicopter charter or a scenic helicopter tour.

And what better way to see the ancient rainforests and reefs of Far North Queensland!

While there are many ways to see these ancient wonders, Cairns helicopter tours are by far the most dreamed of and sought after scenic tours. Zoom Helicopters offer picturesque Great Barrier Reef helicopter tours, Cairns helicopter flights over the World Heritage-listed rainforest, and scenic Cairns helicopter rides over the city. For those seeking something more off the beaten path, Zoom's helicopter charters will take you to a miriad of fascinating and memorable locations.

Great Barrier Reef helicopter tour


Attending a big event or planning that big wedding day and want to stand out from the crowd? Charter a Cairns helicopter ride to your next big event and arrive (and leave) in style. Sure, stepping out of a limousine is pretty classy, but imagine the sheer exhilaration of descending on the big event in a stunning Zoom helicopter! It certainly doesn't get any classier than that.

View our menu of Zoom Helicopter's popular Cairns helicopter tours and make it an occasion to remember.

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